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Intentional Torts

Intentional torts fall under several categories, which include the following:

•   Defamation, including Libel and Slander
•   Malicious Prosecution
•   False Imprisonment
•   Assault and Battery
•   Abuse of Process
•   Tortious Interference with
     Contractual Rights
•   Trespass
•   Negligent Misrepresentation and Fraud
•   Invasion of Privacy

Intentional tort cases often involve assault, battery and false imprisonment against commercial establishments where a principal/agency relationship exists between the tortfeasor and the establishment. Aggressive bouncers causing physical harm to patrons is a common example of this type of intentional tort case. Another common scenario involves store patrons being falsely accused of stealing from the store and thereafter being falsely imprisoned by store personnel in an unreasonable manner.



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