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Family Law
Divorce and child custody and visitation matters are highly emotional and difficult endeavors for those involved.  Questions about the division of marital property, child support, spousal support, and grandparent visitation frequently arise during a divorce or child custody proceeding. 

Whether you need assistance with a  prenuptual or postnuptual agreement, child custody or child support, a divorce proceeding, child name-change, or modification of child custody or spousal support, we can assist you with your domestic legal matter.  We are also familiar with child neglect and abuse matters and can serve as Guardian Ad Litem or as counsel for the parents in regards to such matters.

We can assist you wiht a variety of family law matters, including the following areas:

O Divorce
O Child Custody
O Child Support
O Spousal Support
O Property Division
O Separation and Maintenance Agreements
O Adoption
O Abuse and Neglect