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Employment Law
Both employees and employers have their respective rights under the law and both should be familiar with their legal rights and responsibilities at all times.  You may be an individual who feels that you have been wrongfully terminated from your previous job.  You may operate a small business or a company that needs assistance in drafting an employee handbook or that has a question about how to handle a human resources issue.  You may need someone to review or negotiate a severance package for you.  We can assist you with your employment and labor law needs and questions.

South Carolina is an "At-Will" employment state.  If you are an employee, this means that your employer can terminate you for a good reason, a bad reason, or simply no reason at all.  There are exceptions, however, to the at-will employment doctrine in South Carolina that provide employees with some sense of job security.  Some of these exceptions that make an employer's termination "wrongful" are as follows:

O You have a written employment contract with your employer, which can sometimes be created by an employee handbook;
O Your employer terminated you based upon your disability, age, gender, race, religious beliefs, nationality, or some other characteristic that makes you a part of a constitutionally-protected class;
O Your termination was related to your being sexually harassed in the workplace; or
O You were terminated for a reason that is in violation of public policy, such as termination for refusing to commit a crime or highly unethical act after your employer demanded that you do so.