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Construction Law
Disputes often arise regarding construction contracts and the quality of work done when construction or even minor renovations take place.  Perhaps you have purchased a home that has structural problems or was not built properly or does not conform to government codes.  Perhaps you are a subcontractor or the owner of a construction business and need legal assistance in filing a mechanics' lien in order to get paid for the work that you have completed.  If you have furnished services, labor, and materials to a general contractor on a state or federal government project, then you may need to contact the bond company to make a payment claim against the project's bond.  Whatever your needs may be in the area of construction law, we can assist you.

Mechanics Liens

Mechanics liens are powerful statutory devices that enable contractors, subcontractors, and those making repairs, improvements, or additions to another person's property to be properly compensated for their work.  Mechanics liens must be filed and processed properly pursuant to the South Carolina Code of Laws.