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Nursing Home & Elder Abuse

Nursing home abuse and elder abuse is, unfortunately, a reality today in the United States. It is a growing phenomenon and federal reports of nursing home abuse continue to increase in frequency and exposure.

Abuse in long term care facilities occurs in many possible ways, but the following are among the most frequent:

•   Physical Abuse
•   Misuse of Restraints on Elderly Patients
•   Intentional Abuse of Elderly Patients
•   Physical Neglect of Elderly Patients
•   Medical Neglect of Elderly Patients
•   Emotional Neglect of the Elderly
•   Property Abuse, such as Theft, directed
    at Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes or
    Long Term Care Facilities

One of the most frequently cited reasons for nursing home neglect is improper staffing. Nursing homes frequently do not employ enough nurses aids or nurses and this ends up creating negative consequences for patients and their families.



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